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Crystal Clear Carats Ring and Jewelry Cleaner Pen

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So, diamonds are your best friend? Then, say hello to your new pen pal.

Crystal Clear Carats is the best-kept secret to sparkling diamonds. Each pen contains our natural, gentle cleaning formula to remove dust, oils, lotions, and makeup from engagement rings and intricate jewelry. Keep it in your purse and use daily to give your jewelry a long-lasting shine.

Safely cleans diamonds, moissanites, morganites, emeralds, pearls, opals, sapphires, gemstones, fashion jewelry, and antique jewelry at the press of a click. Our brush applicator gives jewelry a more thorough clean than jewelry wipes.





Hand filled in the USA

Good For Up To 200 Applications

To use, simply remove the pen from the tube, take off the cap, click the bottom of the pen until the brush is wet, then wipe all around your jewelry. Upon first use, you will need to give the pen approximately 20-30 clicks until the brush is wet. Future cleanings will only need 2-3 clicks.